JACK 'N JILL CHIPPY Mild & Tasty with Less Salt.Some like it SALTY, others like it MILD but one thing's for sure, we all like it TASTY! Yep! I'm talking about chips!

0,64$ incl. VAT

Ingredients: corn,vegetable oil (may contain one or more of the following:palm,palm olein or coconut oil)seasoning ,barbecue yeast,monosodium glutamate,salt,sugar,paprika,maltodextrin,hydrolyzed proteins(corn,soy),tricalcium phosphate,rusk powder,natural and articial flavors,spice,mustard seed,silicon dioxide,caramel color,paprika extract,maltodextrin,natural spices,monosodium glutamate,ferrous sulfate,natural flavor,and antioxidant.

Alcantara Store & Lechon

This is a small Store based in Mabolo, Cebu City. We serve our clients since years with grocery goods and lechon.

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