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You have a lot of Questions like “Is it safe to buy on We care for Home”, “Who is the seller I buy from?”. We`ll answer them here. In case you like to chat with our team feel free to visit us on facebook.

Is it safe to buy on We care for Home?

We care for Home partners with PayPal, the world`s biggest internet bank. PayPal Buyer Protection takes care of your online purchases in case your item doesn’t match its description, is defective, or doesn’t turn up at all – and that for up to 180 days after purchase.

What can I buy on We care for Home?

Shopping on We care for Home is like going to the Market. You`ll find all grocery and household goods your family at home might need. Remember, on We care for home you won`t shop for yourself. You shop for your friends and relatives far back in the Philippines. We care for Home offers a distinctive list of products that are locally made also taking into account specific needs close to the hearts of Filipinos.

Who are the sellers I can buy from?

We care for Home works closely with small and medium sized vendors, general merchandise and Cooperatives in the Philippines to give you all the shopping opportunities you like to have. When you start to shop on We care for Home you`ll be asked to provide your shipping address – the address of your friends and relatives you like to send gifts to. After that you`ll see all vendors and products that can be delivered to the doorsteps. Don`t be surprised to find your favorite Sari-Sari store or the Barangay Market around the corner.

I can`t find a seller who delivers to my relatives. What can I do?

We have a soft launch on the 15th of November. So it means not all parts of the Philippines are covered yet. Buyers from Central Visayas are the lucky ones, that part is mostly covered. Check our map to see which parts are already covered.

Can I recommend a seller from my relatives`neighborhood?

Of course! Just have a look about all the benefits We care for Home offers our sellers. Then it`s your chance to invite relatives or friends to open a promising business or extend the number of customers of their already existing shops.

How can I market the products that you offer in your Shop?

We do not have our own products for selling. We care for Home only does the marketing for the sellers in the Philippines (small vendors, cooperatives, local merchandising shops and the like). BUT you can definitely do a marketing as well from your end by registering yourself and inviting your OFW friends. With that you can also earn money!

Your Question is not answered?

Feel free to contact us via our contact page. We will answer every question. In case you like to chat with our team feel free to visit us on facebook.