You wanna know how buying works on We care for Home?

It’s as easy as 1 2 3. Just have a look below and – have fun shopping for your family, relatives and friends.

Emigrants and OFWs always love to be a part of the lives of their loved ones back home – be it a big celebration, a simple occasion, an important milestone or as basic as paying for household utilities, health services and or educational funds.

You will order here food essentials, grocery and household or educational supplies for your loved ones far back in the Philippines – easy, safe and secure.

You will order in a Sari Sari Store or a market nearby your friends or relatives in the Philippines. That’s why we are asking for your shipping address – to whom you like to deliver the goods you will buy. You can`t buy for yourself, on We care for Home you buy grocery goods for friends or relatives in the Philippines.

The vendor will receive your order via SMS on his cellphone. At the same time you get a notification that your order reached the vendor. The vendor will pack your ordered good and will call the receiver (the person you like to get the ordered grocery goods) – for an appointment.

Finally the vendor delivers your order to your friends or relatives. They have to confirm the correctness of the delivery. Also we will ask them for an ID and take a picture for security reasons. You can be sure our sellers make them feel the same LOVE and APPRECIATION for your family as if you were within reach. They do more by making the delivery goods and services extra special.