We care for Home makes the world better.

We Care For Home is a Germany-based company which provides overseas/ migrant workers and emigrants all over the world new ways of providing relevant goods and services for their families back home.

We Care For Home understands the plight of overseas and migrant workers being away from their families for very long periods of time. With the high costs of shipping goods or the significant costs of sending money home, We Care For Home aims to help Filipinos meet the needs of their families thru a global marketplace via an online shopping + online remittance platform allowing them to still be part of the lives of their loved ones back home – be it a big celebration, a simple occasion, an important milestone or as basic as paying for household utilities, health services and or educational funds.

We Care For Home ensures to bring goods and services easy, fast and secure at each doorstep extending the same amount of LOVE and APPRECIATION for their families as if they were within reach.

We care for home even cares more: We support local non-government projects achieve their goals and We care for Home highly supports local sellers with local products to help them earn a living.

We care for Home started two years ago as a non-profit organization helping the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. At that time we raised money and one of us flew to the Philippines to help. Thanks to friends and donators we were able to relieve the scores of more than 150 families – 50 families even repaired their houses. Overall, we were able to collect and spend more than 160.000 Pesos in the Philippines. More you can see on our old webpage Leipzig hilft Philippinen.

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Preparation of emergency supplies


Destroyed houses in Daan Bantayan


Distribution of aid